File Archiving Software 'Archive Manager' updated to v3...

MLtek's file archiving solution, Archive Manager has been updated with a new major release. Following up the success of version 2.x, 3.x brings new features and enhanced performance.

Archive Manager is the most cost effective and reliable file archiving solution around. Archive Manager gives you the ability to get to grips with your network file system in the way that you want to. Putting the power in your hands, you get the ability to archive old and unused files from your file system in a structured and managed way. Archived files retain all their attributes including full NTFS security, even their parent folder structure is fully preserved.Archive Manager File Archiving Software

Version 3.x features numerous enhancements to the file archiving engine which amongst other things include performance improvements and the ability to utilize true seamless Hard Links. Unlike other file archiving solutions all this is available using technology that is already built into the Windows OS, thus freeing Archive Manager and client machines from the need to install third party drivers and other workarounds.

- Mark Laverty ( )


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Ultimate IP Monitor on the Way...

MLtek have confirmed that they will soon be releasing a new product, Ultimate IP Monitor.

Ultimate IP monitor is designed to monitor IP addresses in organisations where hunderds, or even thousands of nodes need to be monitored 24/7/365 with a high degree of fidelity.Process Controller

Even with ten thousand seperate nodes Ultimate IP Monitor will be able to monitor each node every second, polling it for basic connectivity and also monitoring the route to each node. If  a node goes offline, or a route to a node changes then alerts can be raised so that appropriate action can be taken.

How does it manage this feat? Easy... instead of having a single stack of nodes to cycle though like almost all other monitoring software, Ultimate IP monitor gives every node its own 'stack' and runs each in its own dedicated thread. This allows for simaltanoius processing of thousands of nodes.
- Mark Laverty ( )